Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 Greetings From:

HI's Walker ....aka...."Puppy Love"

** ~ Adopted ~ **

I am a 2 year old white/brindle boy.  Who is excited about finding my forever home. My foster family nicknamed me puppy love because I am a sweet lovable boy who has a bit of puppy energy. Don't worry I still sleep a lot. :)  My foster family says I have learned so much since I came into their home on Saturday. I arrived with another foster boy but he got adopted quickly. He was a little older than me and he was huge. So I am glad he is gone now I have more space to stretch out. My foster mom said that I needed to learn some manners when I first came. I'm gonna be 2 on the 28th..what did they expect.. I am a playful puppy who loves being with the humans and who is eager to learn because my manners are awesome now.  When I came here they showed me these things called steps. OMG... they were sooo scary that they made my legs shake and don't even let me get started on the smooth surface on the kitchen floor. Does the word Ice Skating sound familiar?.well I learned that if I walk slowly I won't go ice skating. Those steps..not a problem I was going up and down them by the second day. I kind of had to....those steps lead to the back yard. Oh yeah I let my foster parents know when I have to go outside. How cool is that!!   I learned so many things. Some things were fun like ....STUFFIES....I LOVE Stuffies. Remember I am just turning 2 so I like to play with stuffies. My foster family laughs at me when I play because my butt goes in the air and then my front legs spread out and I toss the stuffy all around then chase it. Hee hee... Some things were not fun to learn like those steps and the floor but I learned them. .. I have also learned to share my sleeping space which I wasn't too comfortable with at first because I didn't have to do that at the track but with 3 greyhounds here you don't have much of a  choice. My foster family takes me on walks and they said I walk very nicely on the leash. This retired life sure is a lot of fun. So if you are looking for a fun, playful boy who will cuddle up to you and greet you at the door. Please call Ms. Denise..her contact information is below.  I am very excited about finding my forever home so I can show you all the things I have learned.  304.229.4944
Did I mention that I loved Stuffies? 

I played until I feel asleep. :)

Aaaahhh...rainy days are the best !!!

 August 25, 2013
Yesterday and today I got to meet so many new people. They all seem so nice and friendly. I loved meeting the other new doggies too. My foster Dad said I am very well mannered with the small children and small dogs that came to see us greyhounds at our meet and greet. I just love being petted and love following all the humans around. I was wagging my tail almost the whole time I was there.   I am getting so excited. I just know I will be in my forever home soon. My foster family is really pleased with how well I have learned everything. I even go up and down the stairs all by myself now.  I am having so much fun in my foster home but I really wish I can be in my forever home by my 2nd birthday. Did I tell you that I will turn 2 on Wednesday, August 28th. I heard my foster family say they are going to buy me a new stuffie for my birthday that I get to take with me when I get adopted. :-)    Don't forget to call Denise if you want to check me out and possibly adopt me. :-)
September 1, 2013
Well, I didn't get adopted by my birthday but that was okay. I did get a great new stuffie and some peanut butter in a red rubber thing called a Kong. I love those. Another special birthday present came today.....MY NEW FOREVER HOME!!   I met so many nice people this past week and today I just clicked with my new family. I got my birthday wish after all !!! 
My foster family wanted to post one last picture of me eating my dental stick. You would think it's no big deal but they giggle when i get a treat. Take a look and see. I ate my dental stick with my bottom in the air.  I guess that is why my foster family was laughing. I am a silly boy!!   Thanks for reading about me. I am off to my forever home!!